Efficient payments and flexible capital for the modern economy

SpersePay is a revolutionary global payment system giving you unparalleled access to fast and flexible capital, and your payees an easy way to access the funds anywhere in the world.

Get the funds you need to succeed

SpersePay enables you to pay and get paid, with a convenient built-in financing alternative!

Automate Invoicing & Billing

Save time and improve your collection velocity with SpersePay’s automated payment hub. Accelerate your billing, invoicing and collection so cash flows predictably through your business.

Attract & Retain Better Workers

When you pay people faster, they are more loyal and committed. SpersePay can get your contractors and vendors paid upfront rather than having to wait 30-60 days for payment.

Digital Media

SpersePay removes fixed payment terms by enabling digital media platforms with liquidity to offer on-demand payouts to their ecosystems at scale.

Does your business need capital? SpersePay can help!

Improved Cash Flow

In addition to the liquidity option to give your company more time to cover epenses, SpersePay includes a Cash flow management system to help you track your money. 

Get Paid faster with invoice financing and Credit Cards

Get paid now. Our real-time receivables financing lets you extend attractive payment terms to payors at no cost to you. This can help you win more business and access funds quickly to bridge cash flow gaps between invoice and collection. SpersePay includes credit card merchant services to get your funds faster at reduced rates so you keep more of your money.

You focus on growing your business.

We take care of the capital and payments.

Growing too fast or globally is not a problem. SpersePay provides you with capital that scales up to 100% payroll funding, anywhere in the world.  It’s ideal for the new gig economy or for paying affiliates in any currency that your payees are located

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PayLater work and when is the amount due?

Once you initiate the payments to your payees, your account will get debited in 30, 60 or 90 days. The finance costs are included in each transaction, and the deducted from the net amount deposited to the payee account.

When will by contractors get paid?

Contractors are paid in 30 days unless they choose the early-pay option, or for the PayLayer option, the payments are released once the earnings are entered in the system.

How can new payees be added?

Payees can be added to manually through the admin portal, or via API, so new payees are automatically added using the rules defined in the CRM. You can also use the option to Bulk Import Payees via a CSV file.

How do I Add Earnings for Payees?

The Earnings view is the default view of the admin dashboard and is where you add and track approved amounts that will be paid to Payees, and shows the Creation and Payment dates, Contractor, Notes, Amount and Status.

Why is a Payee showing as Not Payable?

The Payee's account setup is incomplete and not eligible to receive payments. The Payee must complete the step to link the bank account to which they will receive funds so earnings can be added for them.

How do I Pay International Payees?

SpersePay support international payments to over 150 countries except the six currently sanctioned by OFAC. Your Payees can select to receive their funds in USD or their local currency. Payments are converted to payees's local currency to avoid additional fees.